Le vrai thé à la menthe !

©kitchnchic - Thé à la menthe
Hello mes Kitchnchicos !

Je vous propose aujourd'hui de créer un moment sympa, à la marocaine ! Il s'agit de la recette orientale du VRAI thé à la menthe. Un jeu d'enfants mais réalisé par les grands ! (eau bouillante quand même...)

©kitchnchic - Thé à la menthe
Alors comme d'hab, on commence par les ingrédients/ustensiles : 

- 3 cuillères à café de thé vert (et pas l'inverse sinon, c'est pas du thé...)
- Une belle botte de menthe fraîche
- 1,5 litre l'eau
- 10/15 sucres
- Une théière 

Les étapes : 

- Bien passer à l'eau claire la menthe fraîche
- Faire bouillir l'eau
- Rincer à l'eau bouillante le thé vert (pour enlever le tanin), dans la théière directement
- Remplir à moitié la théière avec l'eau bouillante (sur le thé vert donc)
- Ajouter la botte de menthe fraîche et le sucre
- Ajouter le reste d'eau bouillante tout doucement pour ne pas brûler la menthe. 
- Mettez la théière sur le feu une à deux minutes 

Attention : Pour mélanger avant de servir : n'utiliser pas de cuillère, mais un verre !  Vous versez le thé dans un verre et reversez dans la théière. Vous versez le thé dans un verre et reversez dans la théière. Et ainsi de suite ! Goutez et si vous êtes satisfaits, c'est que c'est prêt !

B'SAHA (à votre santé) & KISS 

©kitchnchic - Thé à la menthe

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello,

    Here is a tea recipe I wrote for my friends in the US a while back.

    The notorious, surprisingly healthy Moroccan Mint Tea.

    - 1 bunch of fresh peppermint, not spearmint
    - 2 teaspoons "Gunpowder" Chinese green tea, use 3 tsp for stronger tea
    - 7 tablespoons of granulated sugar or to taste (tea should taste sweet)
    - 4-5 cups of water depending on teapot size
    - 5 drops of orange blossom water (optional)

    Bring the water to a boil. Pour a small amount in a metal teapot and swish around to warm the pot, rinse it and discard. Put the tea in the teapot, add a little hot water and swish to rinse tea with boiling water for about a minute. The tea leaves will open up. Discard the water but save the rinsed tea in the teapot. The rinsing cuts down on the tea bitterness and gets rid of any impurities.

    Wrinkle the mint in your hands, few leaves at a time to release the essence. Roll in a ball and insert in the teapot.

    Add the sugar on top of the mint. Pour the boiling water on top of the mint and sugar. This should help dissolve most of the sugar. The water should come to about half an inch from the top of teapot.

    On low heat, carefully bring to a slow boil again. Let tea brew on very small flame or heat for about 5 minutes, stirring the leaves and immersing them now and then. Move away from the fire, cover pot and let steep for at least 3 minutes.

    Add a sprinkling of orange-blossom water. Pour tea into tea glass (3-4 in. high, straight shot glasses work best); pour tea from cup back into teapot. Repeat 3 times to blend ingredients and clear the teapot neck. If needed, garnish each tea glass with a couple of leaves of mint to add even more mint flavor. Serve boiling hot. Moroccan Mint Tea is sipped very slowly while hot, never tepid or cool. Only one person, usually the one that prepares it, pours the tea for everyone, refilling glasses as needed. Sometimes a guest or an elder is offered the honor.

    Fresh mint is a little pricey at US grocery stores but easily grown since it is a very sturdy herb that often grows wild. If you can obtain a few roots, grow some in the yard or in a large flowerpot. Several hours of sun a day won't hurt it.

    Gunpowder Chinese green tea (tea leaves that have been rolled to preserve the flavor) is available at Chinese grocery stores.

    This is the tea you would be offered wherever you go in Morocco. Moroccans drink it several times a day. I have seen and tried several variations but the above recipe has proven to be the best tasting.

    Enjoy! Be Ssah'ha (in good health).

    Naguib Ktiri

    1. heyyyy ! Thanks for your commentdear Naguib. Hope it will help english speakers ! KISS